Spotlight: Bob Lipton

Bob Lipton graduated with honors with a degree in music education from San Francisco State. He is retired after 25 years of teaching middle school band and orchestra. He has over 60 compositions and arrangements published, mostly for string orchestra. He is now living in the Puget Sound region of Washington.

As a tuba player, Bob has performed with many of the SF Bay area orchestras. He has toured and recorded with various brass quintets as well as jazz, klezmer, and rock groups. He has also performed at the Indian Academy Awards in Mumbai.

Bob was a member of Tom Petty’s high school rock and roll band — after Tom left the group.

After Hours

After Hours is a jazz ballad, your players will really enjoy the lush harmonies. It is something different for your next concert program.

Breeze Dancing

This joyous piece in seven, features optional tambourine and triangle. This is a fun opportunity to introduce your students to seven-eight time.

Coney Island Express

This original composition evokes the joy and excitement of a subway ride to Coney Island in New York City. Audiences will love the syncopated rhythms and upbeat train feel. Includes an optional shaker part.

Dance of My Heart

This creative piece exposes students to mixed meters without being in compound time signatures. Both audience members and students are sure to have their toes tapping!

Gamelan Fantasy

This piece by Bob Lipton depicts the sounds of an Indonesian gamelan orchestra. Multiple tempo and dynamic changes make this a challenging learning experience for your intermediate orchestra.

Garam Masala

This exciting new title captures the sounds of India — from Bollywood to classical to folk. The composer’s title Mumbai is a development of the same musical themes for a more advanced orchestra.

John Hardy Dances

This arrangement of the folk tune John Hardy is set as a waltz and belly dance as well as in its original fiddle origins. Great for your second year group!

Lamma Bada

Your ensemble will adore the melody and rhythms of this classical Arabian piece

Lift Every Voice and Sing

Widely recognized as the African-American National Anthem, this powerful piece is moving and packed with emotion. A short chorale with introduction into 6/8 time, this is a great selection for any graduation or end of the year performance.


This exciting new title captures the sounds of India — from Bollywood to classical to folk. The composer’s title Garam Masala is a development of the same musical themes for a less advanced orchestra.

El Niño Perdido

With a title meaning “The Lost Child”, this piece is performed with a soloist who begins off-stage, and get closer and closer with each entrance. Ending on-stage, it symbolizes that the child has been found. This mariachi standard gives low strings a chance to play the melody.
New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Tango Americana

The Tango is a study in syncopation and accent. This original piece uses two themes, one in the key of F major and another in the relative minor. You can augment the overall Tango feel by using the included percussion parts for claves, bongo drums, and maracas.

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