Carnival of the Amphibians – Extra Score

Mark Barnard
Grade: 3

Get ready to hop, slither, and crawl with Carnival of the Amphibians, inspired by the well-known work of Camille Saint-Saëns. Composer Mark Barnard has put his own spin on the classic “Carnival of the Animals,” featuring all five types of amphibians in movements such as Frogs & Toads, Caecilians, and Newts & Salamanders. The short Introduction and grand finale, The Amphibians and the Swan, are freely arranged from Saint-Saëns’ original composition, providing students with an insight into the beloved work. With many skill-building techniques introduced to all five string sections, Carnival of the Amphibians offers a fun and challenging experience for Grade 3 string orchestras. With a performance time of approximately 8 minutes, this piece is sure to delight both performers and audiences alike. Don’t miss the chance to join the carnival and discover the world of amphibians through music!

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