Serenade for Strings, Op. 11 – Extra Score

Dag Ivar Wirén
Grade: 5

Dag Wirén studied both in Stockholm and Paris but spent most of his life in his native Sweden. His Serenade for Strings dates from 1937 and is in a kind of Swedish neo-classical style. In four movements, the work is retro, with easily-hummed tunes presented with grace and good humor. There are high passages for violins reaching high G and A, but these are not extensive. The Scherzo is a romp, and the March is about getting angels to march on the head of a pin.
Acclaimed music editor Sandra Dackow has carefully selected these string orchestra titles from the standard repertoire to help your advanced orchestra move to the next level. Unsimplified and uncut, SANDRA DACKOW’S EXPRESSIVE GEMS are marked with grade-appropriate bowings and fingerings. Included are detailed performance notes to help introduce your orchestra to these more challenging titles.

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