New Music Friday: Renegade Showdown

In Renegade Showdown, the violins battle the low strings in an epic clash. Hear the twists and turns each side takes as they vie for the win. With a dash of fiddle and loads of drama, listen to the showdown unfold until the final striking chord.

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About Renegade Showdown

This piece was composed to teach students to understand regular vs. low first finger from both a technical and musical vantage. Likely, practicing the hand position with the extended first finger in a scale or scale fragment before starting this piece will help students avoid shifting for the low first finger or creating a poor hand position. The extended finger pattern is especially important for cello students to master.

Included are many courtesy accidentals in places students might accidentally carry over a flat from the previous measure. Bass students will benefit from taking the time to identify sections that will work well in half position.

Renegade Showdown sounds great in a wide spectrum of tempos. Using marcato or accented bow strokes will give even the slower tempos an exciting feel. In addition, this piece is quite exciting at a fast tempo with a cut time feel.

About Caryn Wiegand Neidhold

Caryn Wiegand Neidhold is a composer and arranger for student through professional ensembles. Her focus includes arranging hidden classical “gems” and composing music for eclectic styles, including fiddle, rock, and jazz. With an emphasis on learning technique through literature, Caryn’s music always distributes musical challenges to all string sections.

 Caryn’s background includes extensive work as a middle school educator, Suzuki teacher, and youth symphony conductor and coach. In addition, she has years of performance experience as a violist and violinist with orchestras including the Fairbanks Symphony, New World Symphony, Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, and the Reno Phil. Caryn enjoys writing articles for music education publications and presenting seminars for string educators.

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