New Music Friday: America the Beautiful

We resume our New Music Fridays this Independence Day weekend with a new arrangement of “America the Beautiful” from Jason W. Krug.

One of America’s most beloved songs, “America the Beautiful,” is a marriage of lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates and music by church organist Samuel A. Ward; interestingly, the two never met. The tune is instantly recognizable and a staple of patriotic celebrations for its lush textural imagery and its luscious, flowing melody.

About America the Beautiful

Smooth, even bowing, and a delicate, musical touch are the name of the game throughout. Ensure all parts are aware of who has the melody, as it moves about from part to part, sometimes in the middle of a phrase. Louder dynamics and sixteenth note runs should both be handled with greater intensity, not a stronger attack or forced volume; keep bow changes smooth and flowing, even on the fortissimo near the end.

About Jason W. Krug

Jason W. Krug (b. 1978) is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. He holds a degree in music from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jason is a full-time freelance composer, arranger, clinician, and teacher. Since his first publication in 2006, he’s had over 400 compositions and arrangements accepted for handbells, piano, strings, organ, and choir. His works have been featured at numerous festivals and workshops in the United States and beyond. He is also the owner of and editor for Grassy Meadow Music, which publishes sheet music for handbells, piano, and strings.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys writing. He has spent several years working on a young adult fantasy series, The Sadonian Chronicles, and recently released his first non-fiction book, The General Theory of Creativity. He frequently participates in the National Novel Writing Month event in November.

Jason continues to live in Indianapolis with his wife Ellen and his sons Daniel and Malcolm. You can find him on the web at and


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