Sandy & Friends: Beethoven’s Concertos

In this episode of Sandy & Friends, Dr. Sandra Dackow talks with two musicians who have performed with The Hershey Symphony Orchestra about the significance of Beethoven’ music, especially his concertos. The discussion was held in recognition of Beethoven’s 250th birthday on December 16. About our Guests:  Dr. Eric Fung, a Bach Prize Winner from […]

Sandy & Friends: The Beethoven Symphonies

In this episode of Sandy & Friends, Tempo Press arranger and Hershey Symphony conductor, Sandra Dackow sits down with three other of Central Pennsylvania’s most popular conductors as they come together for a fascinating conversation about Beethoven’ and his nine symphonies.

Sandy & Friends: Beethoven’s Chamber Music

In this episode of Sandy & Friends, Dr. Sandra Dackow, Tempo Press arranger and music director of the Hershey Symphony, discusses Beethoven’s chamber music with John Dalley, Kathleen Butler-Hopkins, and Patrick Hopkins.

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